Scrapping Sketches

40 Scrapbooking Layouts at Your Fingertips!
Do you love scrapbooking?
Do you have a limited amount of time to work on your projects?
Do you like to have a layout in mind when you begin a page?

Jo's Scrapping Sketches is a brand new ebook available online at Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and other leading online retailers. It is a digital compilation of sketches with photos of their co-ordinating layouts, totalling over 80 graphics.
Scrapbooker's block is a thing of the past!
Sketches are categorized by the number of photos they require in order to duplicate the page as it appears in the book, offering you an easy starting point for your selected photos. Forty sketches appear in this edition, but with a little flexibility the possibilities are endless. Sketches can be flipped and rotated, journaling boxes replaced with photographs, or left out altogether, and photos can be replaced by patterned papers.

How to access the book
Some sites, such as Smashwords, will allow you to view a certain amount of the book before purchasing it. (The sketches are not at the start of the book though, so in order to see some examples, head on over to my Facebook page.) The book costs $2.99 US (which is less than $4 NZ) and downloads instantly to your computer. You can then transfer it to any device you choose -your ipod, tablet, e-reader or laptop. I like the Smashwords site best even though it is less well-known, because it allows you to own any or all of the formats for the same one-time fee of $2.99.

What to do with the book
Once you have the book on your portable device, you can easily transport it with you to crops and workshops, so that forty sketches are there at your fingertips. Or if you prefer, print out what you want from your computer and take the paper copy with you.
I would love to hear your feedback regarding the ebook, so feel free to get in touch. And don't forget to write your review at



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  2. How do I get more of your sketches? I've bought volumes1and 2 and really like your work! I need more! :)