Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jo's CTMH Customer Rewards Club

I have been running a hostess rewards club for the last year and my ladies enjoy being a part of it, but I've been trying to think up a way to reward and thank all customers who shop with me, and after talking with a couple of my CTMH sisters, I think I have a plan!
Every time I place an order over $250 I get to spend the hostess rewards, and this is one of the perks of being a consultant with Close to My Heart. However, I'd really love to share those freebies with you, my regular customer.
My new rewards system will be based on a "ladder" idea, where the person at the top of the ladder gets to spend the $40 credit on stamp pads, stamp sets, paper packers, Workshop on the Go kits, and other essentials. After you've gotten your freebies your name will move to the bottom of the list and start to work its way up again.

How can I get my name on the ladder?

When you place an order worth $50 or more with me in a single month, your name will automatically by put at the bottom of the ladder.

How long will it take to work its way to the top?

That will depend on how many people are on the list, but it could be anywhere between 5 and 9 months.

Can I earn more than $40 in credit?

Absolutely! If you host a party in your hostess month or get some outside orders you could earn more credit and the chance to buy half price items too.

What if I miss a month?

If you don't make a $50 order one month your name will move to the side of the ladder and go back on the next time you place an order.

So who is on the ladder now? Has it been started?

Yes! July was a great month for sales (thank you, ladies) because of our wonderful hostess stamp set specials. If you placed an order of $50 or more with me in July (you know who you are) then you are on the ladder. I have drawn the names randomly out of a hat for the sequence.

If you have any questions about the rewards programme I would love to hear form you! Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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