Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jewel Album Kit

One of the reasons I love the Creative Memories Jewel set so much is that it goes so beautifully with black and white photos. The colours are muted and take a back seat to photographs which might otherwise be lost on a page with vibrant backdrops. Here are some examples from a small 7x7 (old size) heritage album I made for Mum for Christmas last year. The papers are so beautiful that there was really very little I had to do but stick the photos in. In fact I didn't want to add much embellishing anyway... the story was all in the photographs, which I'd scanned from an old family album of Mum's.

One thig I would always recommend when making an 8x8 album is to have all your photos printed in half size as well as the usual 6x4. That way when you are putting it together you have two choices for every photo spread out in front of you. You can choose to lay a single photo on the page, or two or three related to the same theme. It means you will ultimately be able to fit more into your album, and it adds interest and variety. For example...

I love old heritage photos! They look so great in albums and plus, they give people wonderful surprises... maybe they've never been seen before, or maybe they've not been seen for decades!

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