Tuesday, August 5, 2014

3" Notelets

CTMH Annual Inspirations Catalogue Post #4... 3" notecards.
I love having little notecards such as these on hand for those times when you just want to let someone know that you're thinking of them. These cards are 3x3", so I made 8 of them from one sheet of White Daisy cardstock.
I have been working on "one layer" cards a lot recently, and I have combined the one-layer idea with the masking tape background technique which is very popular at the moment to come up with this very quick 5-minute notecard.
I think they are fab - simple, unfussy, quick, and serves the purpose very well.
The "Keep your chin up" stamp set is a $12 A-sized set and I used my new favourite colours, Glacier and Thistle, to give me the background colours.

I stamped the beautiful tree image and the sentiment in black ink last.


  1. I like how quick and easy these cards are and yet lovely. How did you apply the ink? Sponge?

    1. Hi Darlys! Thank you for the question. Actually, this was a new technique for me. I had seen a lot of posts mentioning the "masking tape background" recently, so I had to try it. I ripped off a bit of masking tape and dabbed the sticky side in the ink pad, then pressed it on to the card - that simple!!

  2. Cute cards and interesting technique.