Friday, February 19, 2010

Aren't Mums Wonderful?

When I first felt sick, I asked Mum if she would come down to help out with the kids - we all thought it would be for a few days. Well, she has now been here nearly three weeks. I have no idea how to say thank you for all her time and the invaluable help she has been giving David and me, but I had little inspiration a couple of days ago.
She is always on the look out for a nice Christmas stamp (aren't we all?), but it's always hard to find. It needs to have a religious content, and so many haven't, and also needs to be a very quick create-itself card, since she makes over a hundred.

So I decided to draw her one. I can't claim the actual design as my own, that was from a child's colouring book, but I did redraw it, and am having it made into a stamp for her. I htink she could spend as little or as long on this design as she likes. When it is made up I will try out a few ideas to get her going.

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  1. Jo your stamp is so beautiful you are so talented. Thanks for a great night last night. I had lots of fun. Your Mum is very special you are so lucky.