Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No more photos...

I'm not going to be posting any photos for a while. Quite a while, I should imagine. Would you like to see the last few photos on my SD card?

Yesterday I took a photo of something and put my camera down. I put my things away and looked around for the camera. No where to be seen. No worries - I often put things in very strange places. It'll turn up.

About 10 minutes later Matthew (2 and a half) brought me a very soggy cvamera - "Matthew on camera Mumma!" He had taken it for a wash in his paddling pool. Arghhh. Strangled noise. My nice new beautiful Christmas present camera.

After that Matthew left me alone for a while... even two year olds can sense despair... and all he could say later was "sooo sorry mumma... mumma sad..."

It's currently still drying. We can't get the moisture out of the lens, so it may well be an insurance claim. Bums!

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  1. Oh dear me, the joys of kids. We have all been there at some point or another. Poor Matthew. You will see the funny side soon.